Stretchy Vaj Power!

Vagina shaming is not cool!

In fact shaming any part of the female anatomy is never cool but if you are a straight man that’s happy to shame a female body part that provides you with years of satisfaction, entertainment and offspring, then YOU should be cancelled immediately!!

Honestly, it’s an age old go to diss used usually when there’s nothing else to say to a woman…’oh you’ve got a baggy fanny’, ‘no tread on the tyres’, ‘can fit a head in there’ and so on.

Nope! It’s not nice and actually, could contribute massively to a lot insecurities a woman may have, especially in the bedroom.

Stretchy Vaj Power!

Interestingly, according to a recent study, most women want to be told how tight their lady garden is during sex.


OK, I understand why but my thing is, if you weren’t insecure about your tightness, you probably wouldn’t be hell bent on hearing your partner appreciate the traction in such a fashion.

What’s wrong with; ‘that feels good’?

Does it have to be; ‘ooo that’s tight’?

I’m presuming, if it feels good then it’s definitely tight enough…surely!

Anyway, I’m not about slating any woman that believes she needs that kind of reassurance; I mean you only have to cast your mind back to schooldays to see where it all stems from.
‘Vaginal looseness’ was always associated with girls that are thought to have had sex with too many guys.

I remember thinking, shit, does this mean there is a comfortable amount of times one can have sex say, per week in order to not get a loose fanny or…

It’s a bit of a mind fuck really because truth be told you vagina is supposed to stretch.

It is supposed to be able to accommodate a variety of different sized dicks and surprise surprise, it can even stretch enough to pass a baby after it’s been growing inside a woman for a whole 9 months and guess what?  Miraculously it pings right back into shape!

Stretchy Vaj Power!

OK sometimes, genetics plays a part when we talk about the after birth ping back as medically, this could be the one thing that does stretch things out a bit but as any doctor/book will tell you, Kegel exercises will get you right in no time.
But one thing is for sure, unless you regularly force feed your vaj with bottles and overgrown fruit, the shape and size of your ‘privacy’ will retain its shape and ability to grip a penis tightly…guaranteed!

So ladies, next time your bits are referred to as loose by a bloke, especially in an attempt to bring you down, just remind him about the likelihood that his own mothers fanny being loose is much more of a reality that yours!

Not nice, probably not the most mature response but definitely one that will shut him up and make him think.

Pussy power ladies, PUSSY POWER!!!


  1. ‘Loose’ and ‘tight’ are relative terms! As you say, it depends on a variety of factors. Modern women have known about Kegels for ages! Like all exercise regimes, they require discipline and dedication!


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