Sex toys & supplements for a £1!

Everyone loves a bargain so it comes as no surprise that the Big Daddy of bargain shops has brought forth a new range designed to entice on a budget!

It’s only recently I discovered Poundland offer a budget sextoy…a vibrating bullet priced up at a measly £1 but now they’ve gone a stage further and not only offer an extended range of low priced sex toys, they’ve also created a cheaper alternative to Viagra for…yes, you guessed it, £1!!

Sex toys & supplements for a £1!

The Nooky range, available exclusively to Poundland offers budget versions of classic sex toys including a vibrating cock ring and a mini vibrator.


Not sure whether the idea of getting freaky using a £1 toy is in any way appealing but I can see why these lower priced goodies could catch on.

I’m already thinking of them as a use-once-and-bin type of thing.

Sex toys & supplements for a £1!

Anyhoos, back to the alternative Viagra.

Obviously, Poundland could not call their pills; Viagra so they opted for the less adventurous; Vitality Supplement.

The supplements are offered in a pink version for women and a blue for men.

Sex toys & supplements for a £1!

The recommended dose is 2 pills before sex.

Whilst I think, yes it’s a great idea to offer sex toys at a cheaper price for a variety of reasons including, accessibility, I can’t imagine many would feel comfortable enough or even confident in the brand to buy and use a budget Viagra.

All the same time, not a bad move by Poundland!



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