DONNA WEINSTEIN NEEDS NO CONSENT | Extraaa Biscuits – the podcast ep. 14

    This episode, Sherryl Blu is joined by 3 out of 5 members of the ESN Podcast (Wahala, Simon and Mr Wolf) as well as Simone from the upcoming podcast; Keeping It Grown!

    In this short but sweet episode, the group kick off discussing sharing partners and secret sex hook ups then move on to voice their views on Harvey Weinstein-gate, with focus on Donna Karan’s attempt to defend his actions and how to avoid predators like Harvey!

    The issue of consent was covered and sliding in the DMs also provides for entertaining listening.

    Overall, its 40 minutes of energetic, opinion led conversation.
    It’s juicy, it’s raw, it’s unfiltered and it’s real!

    Hit the play button to indulge and while you’re at it, feel free to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and SHARE!

    As always, if you’re easily offended and/or judgmental, this podcast is NOT for you!


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