BlowYo – a NEW sex toy for the men!

A new sex toy on the market is no longer a rarity.

In fact, it has become more of an expectation…a new sex toy or two a month, is now pretty much the norm!

The latest and possibly one of the most exciting toys comes courtesy of LoveHoney and is designed purely with male pleasure in mind.

BlowYo - a NEW sex toy for the men!

The BlowYo is a male sex toy made up of two solid rings that house a stretchy, twistable sleeve allowing for a choice of four different textures inside, each capable of providing their own individual sensation.

Users can choose between; Intense Ticklers, Sensation Twirl, Extreme Wave or Ultimate Bubble.

BlowYo - a NEW sex toy for the men!

The design of the toy makes it easy for the user to insert his penis in one end and comfortably wank with their hand in the middle of the toy.

The BlowYo is designed to replicate the feeling of receiving a blow job but do bear in mind, lots of lube may be necessary!

BlowYo - a NEW sex toy for the men!

Whilst the sound of the BlowYo looks great on paper, those that enjoy good head, may find the absence of a warm mouth and tongue make the use of this toy

Like the sound of it?

Click this link for more info, price and availability.


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