INTERVIEW: Owning a Micropenis

The term ‘Micropenis’ or ‘Microdick’ is often thrown around as a means of demeaning a man, usually after some sort fallout.

But for many, having a Micropenis is real and by no means something to be laughed at or ridiculed about.

By definition, a Micropenis would measure less than six standard deviations below the mean average penis size when stretched and flaccid.  In other words, the actual length of a Micropenis is likely be less than six centimetres!

In a society where men believe having a large package automatically qualifies them as sexually amazing, together with the increasingly high consumption of big dick promoting porn, Tinted Blu wanted to get a real perspective from an owner of a Micropenis.

With allegedly only 0.6% of men worldwide with a Micropenis and the innate need to protect ones modesty, we were excited to discover someone that was happy to shed some light on things.

[Please note; out of respect, we have protected the identity of our interviewee as requested]


INTERVIEW: Owning a Micropenis

What would you say is the biggest misconception of having a Micropenis?
I guess the biggest misconception about a Micropenis is that the owner will not be able to satisfy a woman.


When did you first realise you were smaller than say, average?
I realised I was smaller than average when I saw other boys naked in the shower at school.


Was the term ‘Micropenis’ one that you were always familiar with or was it something that you eventually came to understand?
The term ‘Micropenis’ is a fairly new term.  I’ve only been aware of it within the last few years.  I think that Howard Stern radio ‘event’ really brought it to public consciousness. In a way, Howard helped those guys and made them feel proud of their bodies.


Have you been medically diagnosed as having a Micropenis?

No, I haven’t been ‘medically diagnosed’.  It’s not really a medical problem.  Some women have flat chests or flat buttocks.  It’s not really a medical issue.  It’s just nature.


How did you feel as a teenager when typically boys rave on about their penis size and often compare in some cases?

To be honest, when I was growing-up, I didn’t have a big circle of male friends and I didn’t engage in a penis size conversation with anyone.  I was a very precocious boy and I just wanted to be around girls, so most of my time was spent with girls.


Did having a Micropenis affect your thoughts on sex and becoming sexually active?
Nothing has ever affected my thoughts on sex or becoming sexually active.  I wanted to have sex as soon as possible and popped my cherry aged 11!


What was losing your virginity like?
Losing my virginity was amazing.  I had read text books about sex and I knew all about oral sex.  The girl I was with seemed very happy with my mouth on her pussy.


INTERVIEW: Owning a Micropenis

Do you ever feel obligated to tell a woman about your size before having sex?
No, I’ve never felt obligated to tell a woman about my size before sex.  To compensate for my penis, I’ve ensured my hand and mouth game are good.  My hands are always clean, nails clipped and filed for smoothness.  I know a lot about oral sex.  Every pussy is different.  Every clitoris is different.  By the time we get to sex, my partner has already had numerous orgasms.


How do you go about making the disclosure about your size?
Disclosure of size has never occurred in my life.  I’m more a ‘grower’ than a ‘shower’.  When I get erect, it looks good and, by all accounts, feels good.


What was the most memorable reaction upon discovery?
I’ve never had a negative reaction.  I take clever photographs to make myself look good.  One woman said she would have loved to frame the photo and put it on her wall (but her young son lived with her)!


Most people would presume the owner of a Micropenis may find it difficult to satisfy a woman through penetration.  Would you agree with this presumption?
Most women love the feeling of being ‘filled’ and ‘stretched’ so, if a guy has a small dick and he ONLY has penetration in his locker, he’s going to come up short!  That’s why I ensured I could do other things; oral, fingering, massage, anal, spanking etc.


Do sexual positions matter to you?
Yes, sexual positions matter to me.  If a girl loves ‘doggy’ and she has a big bum, then my penis is not going to do much for her.  I like a position where I can get in as deep as possible.


Which positions do you find better for both you and your sexual partner?
Missionary is always satisfactory, I love being sat on and both of us on our side works really well too.  Any position where I can go deep!


Have you ever felt unable to satisfy a woman?
No, I’ve never felt unable to satisfy a woman.  As I say, as long as there is sexual chemistry between us, I can bring a woman to orgasm using my hands or my mouth.  I have no need to go to penetration, so a session can last as long as I like!  I cum when I choose to cum.


INTERVIEW: Owning a Micropenis

How do you ensure you are satisfied sexually?
Men are very easy to satisfy sexually.  It’s very easy to make me cum.  If a man can’t cum, you know he’s not into you!


Would you say, having a Micropenis has encouraged you to become more effective at satisfying women in other ways besides penetration?
Having a Micropenis definitely forced me to explore every other aspect of sex.  It’s forced me to learn about foreplay, and also fore-foreplay (the crucial wining, dining, laughing, dancing and flirting hours before sex!)


Porn – do you watch it?  How do you feel about the emphasis on big penises?
I watch porn all the time and I know the men in porn excite women enormously.  I also know that most men are not as well-endowed as porn stars.


What kind of porn do you enjoy?
I actually prefer DIY porn.  Real porn made my real people.  I love to see women actually cum, not moan and groan and pretend to cum!


It is also presumed that having a micropenis may make it difficult to impregnate a woman as the distance from the cervix is further.
Do you agree with this presumption?
I have to two very healthy kids, so it might be true for some men, but not for me.




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