Bling out your crotch with Beachtails!

When it comes to women’s bits, there has been a whole range of ways to jazz up that area…

First it was the landing strip, then it was the Brazilian followed closely by the Vajazzle courtesy of our TOWIE lot and now, it’s all about blinged out crotch charms!


The latest vagina craze comes from Japanese company; BoDivas.

The Beachtails, as it’s been named by the company that creates them are small metallic charms that sit inside the briefs or pants and hang down on either side (or in some cases, both sides).

The Beachtails come in various designs and sizes, so if it’s a cascade of crystals flowing from your vajayjay that you want, then it’s a cascade of crystals flowing from your vajayjay that you are going to get!

Bling out your crotch with Beachtails!

The Tokyo based company describe the charms as; sexy charms for bikini crotch.

Sounds lovely doesn’t it?

BoDivas claim the intimate jewellery is very classy and original although some may beg to differ once the practicality of the Beachtails is understood – I mean, just think for minute… imagine if one of the links get tangled in a pube or something?

Unless we are saying that the lady wearing the jewellery must be clean shaven at all times, what’s to say that situation couldn’t happen?

How about mild irritation?

Again, this is not such a farfetched thing to consider if you think about the fact that most Beachtail wearers will be on the beach which means, there is every chance that they will enter the sea at some point.

The Beachtail is made of rhodium silver plated brass which could react with sea water.

Think of all the extra salt!

Definitely perfect breeding grounds for a potential breakout we think.

Bling out your crotch with Beachtails!

And what about when you have to go to the loo… you run the risk of losing the charm if you whip off your pants in a frenzy (you know what it’s like when you are desperate to go).

So many things to consider here….

Even though BoDivas claim the crotch charm can be worn with knickers as well as shorts (I’m guessing that would be the tightest smallest shorts eveeeeeerrrr), it’s probably best to reserve the use of the Beachtail to the bedroom (to play it safe)!

But should you wanna take your fancy fanny to the beach, it’s probably best to stay out the water!




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