Harry Potter inspired lingerie

Following the creation of Harry Potter inspired dildos and sex toys, it was only a matter of time before a range of lingerie or ‘dressing up’ costumes for adults were made.

Surprising that it took this long but lingerie retailer; Yandy has finally created a Harry Potter inspired magical student fantasy lingerie costume available only in Gryffindor colours.

The outfit includes a sheer lace grey crop top complete with a white collar, a pair of sheer burgundy pants, burgundy and gold suspenders and a striped tie!

Harry Potter inspired lingerie

Should you want to complete the look with Harry Potter-esque glasses and/or a wand, you will have to purchase those separately…

Harry Potter inspired lingerie


According to the website, the outfit is available to preorder but will not be shipped before 1st November – that’s a bit of a wait but if you’re a Harry Potter fan, it could be worth it!

Costing $42.95 (approximately £33) and shipping from the US, click this link to check out the outfit in more details and preorder yours.


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