The Morning After pill costs how much?

Having to use the morning after pill is probably not something most women take pleasure in doing so imagine the shock of many when it was revealed that Boots the Chemist have opted to sell the Levonelle pill at the ridiculous price of £28 to discourage ‘inappropriate use’!

Say what!

The intent in their decision making is clear-ish, but it is far from realistic and lacks moral.

Would it be naïve to say that a price tag does little to deter inappropriate behaviour at the best of times and if anything, overcharging could indirectly lead to more problems than necessary?

Take for example, a young woman gets caught out and finds she needs to take the morning after pill but cannot afford the thirty quid!

What then?

She either has to ask around for financial help which could result in embarrassment and questioning, steal the pill or worse still, go without and hope for the best!

None of the above are in any way desirable, particularly the last two…

The Morning After pill costs how much?

So what then?

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service obviously hold an opposing view to that held by the big wigs over at Boots HQ as they have called for the pricing of the pill to be brought down to be more in line with the rest of Europe at a cost of approximately £8 – much more realistic!

What about going to the GP?

Yes, there is that option should you time your unprotected sex to coincide with Surgery opening hours!!

Imagine if the accident happens on a Friday night and your Doctors Surgery is closed for the weekend and the earliest time you could even attempt to get an appointment is from Monday morning onwards…

Given the absolute maximum time limit for taking the pill is 72 hours later but proving most effective if taken within 12 hours of the act, you’d be cutting it very fine hence why being able to source the pill from alternative outlets is key!

Regardless of the above and despite the continuous influx of complaints, Boots is refusing to budge on price claiming that any discount could render the pill as a default contraceptive.

Meanwhile, Superdrug has taken the concerns on board (sort of) and is offering a contraceptive pill (different brand) for £13.49!

Better, but is it good enough?


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