Fancy a 3fap?

Fancy a 3fap?

Well only if you own a functioning penis…

Whilst a 3fap sounds like the latest promotional offering from Costa coffee, it is FAR from a hot beverage!

Remember Brian Sloan, the guy that put on the first Vaginal Beauty Contest?

He is the brains behind the 3fap; a masturbation tool that allows a person with a penis to enjoy inserting said penis into 3 different holes designed to mimic a vagina, an arse and of course, a mouth!

Fancy a 3fap?

This latest in masturbation phenomena, comes as a result of a successful Indiegogo campaign.

It took two years for Brian to raise the necessary funds to bring the 3fap to life!

The 3fap is described by Brian as ‘the first and only sex toy for men that will give you what you really want: variety.’

With its three different holes offering varying textures and suction levels, it appears that the 3fap could indeed be an exciting masturbatory aid for penis owners.

There is also a choice of ‘3 ways’!

You can either opt for the classic combo as detailed above or if its vaginas that you love, you could go for the multi-vag which is also three holes but these holes replicate the vaginas of the three winners of Brian’s vagina contest!

Fancy a 3fap?

Important to note; whilst the idea of three easy access holes sounds exciting, cleaning it might not be as much fun.  For hygiene and health reasons, the 3fap MUST be cleaned properly.

The reviews on the 3fap seem promising so if you’re genuinely considering a brand new sex toy, this could be a good look.

The 3fap usually retails at $100 (approximately £77), but it’s currently available online for $79.95 (approximately £61.71) where you can also order lubes and additional ‘sleeves’ should you want to.

Click this link to purchase the 3fap!




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