Fantasy orgasms are REAL!

Ever heard the term ‘fantasy orgasm’?



OK, for those of you that aren’t aware of this phenomenon, lets educate you! *wink*

Scientists have proven, the key to the female orgasm, is all in the mind!

For years the intrigue has been focused on women who claim they can literally climax by just thinking about – without any physical touch.

A few years back, Lady Gaga announced in an interview that she is indeed one of these women that regularly think themselves to orgasm.

This no doubt, helped raised the profile of the mind climaxers!

Anyhoo, achieving such an orgasm could require some training but essentially, the idea is; a woman would need to be in her most relaxed state and think intense thoughts that would bring her to the brink.

In this instance it is thought that practice makes perfect – the more you do, the better you become (no pun intended)!

Fantasy orgasms are REAL!

The idea of women being able to climax through thoughts alone, could actually be the answer women that are unable to climax, are looking for.

Understanding the importance of the female brain being stimulated during sex, could be the breakthrough needed.

Imagine, multiple orgasms for all…..!

If you’re reading this and thinking; yes I fancy some hands-free sex, why not lie back, close your eyes and think about the sexiest experience you’ve ever had or would like to have.  Think on it deeply for as long as you can concentrate and see what happens!

Good luck and happy climaxing!


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