Masturbation tips for men!

It’s a fact that most men never grow out of having a speedy, low key wank in an attempt to get their rocks off without getting caught in their adolescence, but truth be told, there are so many ways you can jazz up a wank if you just take time!

Once you’ve come to terms with the fact that solo time should be just as exciting as time you mmay spend with another, you may just decide to try these tips below (presuming you haven’t already got your willy out ready to go now)!

Use your other hand

Most men have tried the other hand to see how it feels but how about really working your less dominant hand?

Why not try to flip the hand over so your fore finger heads down your penis first instead of the usual base of the hand used when cupping in the regular wank position.

Just think of it like switching techniques during sex…

Don’t forget your testicles

Not only do these bad boys contain important baby making stuff but, they are filled with nearly as many sex-specific nerve endings as in your actual penis.

Your testicles should not be ignored!

Yes, the fact that your balls may be sensitive could be the reason you tend to avoid involving them or in contrast to that, you may not experience much sensation down there but either way it goes, try tugging at them rhythmically to aid ejaculation, varying the intensity of your tugging based on your sensitivities!

Masturbation tips for men!

Stop and start to prolong and enjoy

Instead of beating away focusing only on ejaculating, why not slow it right down by stopping and starting?

Jerk yourself off as usual but when you feel yourself nearing the brink, stop for as long as it takes to go a little bit soft then start over.

Do this a few times and when you do finally blow, your orgasm will be intense!

Incorporate toys

If you’re adventurous, why not try masturbating with a toy?

Gone are the days where men playing with sex toys is seen as weird so get involved.

There are plenty of toys designed to pleasure men so why not spice up solo time with something more.

Tinted Blu recommends the Tenga Egg and others


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