To pierce or not to pierce… nipples!

Fads come and go but one that seems to be here to stay is the nipple piercing.

Since Janet Jackson’s pierced boob was exposed by Justin Timberlake during the Super Bowl half time show back in 2004, nipple piercings on celebrities appear to be on the increase and one could assume that the thrill of having a nipple piercing is enhanced by seductively allowing the world to see just a hint of such through a sheer shirt or jumper – think Rihanna or Kendall Jenner!

No longer seen as ‘tacky’ but more ‘sexy’, let’s having a look at what goes into having your nipples pierced.

To pierce or not to pierce... nipples!

The procedure:

Nipples are usually pierced horizontally although some opt for a vertical, diagonal or even multiple piercing.

Before the piercing can take place, you will have a nipple consultation – this is because not everyone has suitable nipples believe it or not!

Once you are given the OK, you will be pierced then provided with a set of aftercare instructions which must be followed to avoid infection.

Your piercing will take roughly 12-16 weeks to heal and the pain you will endure is solely dependent on your individual pain threshold.

To pierce or not to pierce... nipples!

The Benefits:

Forget all the boring procedural bits, what’s the benefits I hear you cry!
Well, the benefits are both sexually and visually.

A lot of men (and women) enjoy looking at pierced nipples.

Piercing your nipples can increase sensitivity in the area with many women claiming licking or massaging pierced nipples adds to their arousal.

Some even argue that they are more likely to have an intense orgasm as a result of only nipple play purely because their nipples are pierced!

Sounds like fun hey?

OK, so what are you having?

A bar or spikes?



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