Is your vagina depressed?

Depressed vagina?

Sounds like some sort of piss take description used for describing a woman’s lady parts that perhaps hasn’t had any action for a while doesn’t it?


Your vagina can actually be depressed… TRUTH!

The medical term is; vulvodynia and is a persistent, unexplained pain in the vulva – by definition.

First brought to the fore by Charlotte in Sex & the City (remember that), vulvodynia can be a long-term problem and affect women of all ages

As one can imagine, the condition can be difficult to diagnose as there are many reasons why a woman may be experiencing pain and discomfort, but once it is understood that there are no physical symptoms in that the area looks normal, yet sex and masturbation is uncomfortable, a doctor could eventually diagnose vulvodynia!

Treatments can include soothing gels and lubricants, medication and even a course of antidepressants!

Is your vagina depressed?

Whilst the idea of taking antidepressants for your vagina may seem absurd, the frustration and loss of libido that can be experienced whilst suffering with a depressed vagina can be lessened with the medication.

It is also well documented that antidepressants are effective in the treatment of nerve damage which would help in the management of the pain and discomfort that may be felt in the vulva.

So there you have it, depressed vaginas are real, but it’s the ability to convince your health specialist that you actually have one that could be the problem!

Click this link for more information on vulvodynia.



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