Aloe Vera and Mangoes – a contraceptive?

It’s been a long time since the contraceptive pill was regarded as revolutionary.

In fact, more women are opting NOT to allow a ‘pregnancy-preventer’ that could potentially do more harm than good, inhabit their bodies.

You’ve heard all the reports…

Natural alternatives have fast become a thing for most ‘situations’.

For example, rather than rush off and pop an ibuprofen tablet to kill off a headache, most people will happily rub an herb based cooling stick across their forehead as a first port of call these days.

Preventing pregnancy could now have a natural alternative too!

Aloe Vera and Mangoes - a contraceptive?

Scientists from the University of California are claiming that Lupeol and Pristimerin; 2 active ingredients found in olives, mangoes, aloe vera and grapes could prevent sperm from penetrating the female egg during/after sex!

During research, it was noted that sperm affected by the naturally occurring chemicals, were unable to get through the protective wall of cells surrounding the egg proving that the compounds effectively blocked fertilisation even at very low concentrations.

On this basis, it could be presumed that following further research and more tests, a plant based, nontoxic new generation of contraception could be available sooner than we think!

Researchers believe the non-hormonal preventative could work in several forms including as an emergency contraceptive pill, a skin patch or a vaginal ring.

What’s more, should the effectiveness be proven, the contraception could also be taken by men making it the first male contraceptive to hit the market long term.


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