Mum, Dad and Mum!

A British man currently residing in Texas lives with both his girlfriends.

He already shares a child with one of the ladies and the other is pregnant and due to give birth this year.

The threesome will co parent the new baby when it arrives and will continue to live as a happy ‘mum’, ‘dad’ and ‘mum’!

After relocating to Texas and finding himself in this unique set up, Adam, 36 was dubbed; the luckiest man alive!

Mum, Dad and Mum!

Whilst he doesn’t dispute this fact, he simply states; It’s so sweet that we all get to parent and raise the kids together.

The trio live together on a large plot of land with two houses.  One of the houses they live in whilst the other is used as an office.

Mum, Dad and Mum!
Adam, Brooke and Jane share a super king sized bed and believe their relationship could be the blueprint for future successful relationships for many reasons including, always having someone to look after the children and having a fulfilling sex life.

The trio would love to get married eventually and plan to have more children


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