Collective Responsibility | Extraaa Biscuits – the podcast ep. 5

    Good Lord its episode 5 of Extraaa Biscuits and this instalment is every inch EXTRAAA!

    Sherryl Blu sits down with DJ Kaylee Kay, Fatboy and not one, but TWO Savages…

    From masturbation month and coming in 10 seconds or less through to being collectively responsible for impregnating a ‘battery ting’, deciding whether Mariah and Drake should get it on, prolapsing for fun or otherwise and whether watching same sex porn makes you gay…

    All the above and soooooo much more…’s A LOT!

    Hit that play button to indulge in just over an hour and a half of unfiltered, adult chat!

    Disclaimer; definitely not for the squeamish or the judgemental!


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