Appetence – a new style dating app!

Are you someone that enjoys the slow burn of getting to know someone rather than the more common; get in quick vibe often received from most dating apps (think Tinder)?

If so, Appetence could be the dating app for you!

Appetence is a brand new app that prides itself on being all about slow dating.

How does it work?

Once you download the app, you select a range of interests and things that personally appeal to you in a variety of areas ranging from music through to pets.

The app then matches you to people with similar interests – pretty standard right?


Well from this point on anyway…

On Appetence, once you are connected with a match, their profile picture is pixelated out and the only way you get to view it is by revealing it piece by piece.


Presuming you decide to continue talking to your match, pieces of the profile are revealed for every like they give you based on the messages you send.


The long and short of it is; you have to send them 50 messages that they choose to like!

Each individual like, removes a piece of the picture… a bit like a reverse puzzle.

In order for both of your pictures to be revealed, a minimum of 100 messages must be exchanged between the two of you.

This style of online dating, definitely slows things down unless you’ve got the gift of the gab and can knock out 50 likeable messages in your first conversation.

Another pro is; both parties get to feel a little bit special and actually have the opportunity to share a side of them they may not otherwise have had the chance to should the decision to proceed with contact be based solely on their picture.

The downside.

Imagine if you spend days conversing with someone only to find out you’re completely turned off by their profile picture once revealed?

You can just see it happening can’t you?

Worse still, imagine if you are the person that gets unmatched once your picture is revealed?


Click this link to visit the Appetence website


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