Ladies, how much do you really know about your vagina?

Here are 10 things you may not already know about your little friend.

Vagina means…
The word ‘vagina’ is a Latin word for a ‘scabbard’.
FYI a scabbard is a sheath for the blade of a sword – usually made of leather.

A self-cleaning phenomenon!
Your vagina is self-cleaning and really doesn’t take kindly to be douched by perfumed soaps and body washes – this can actually cause her natural PH level to become unbalanced thus increasing the risk of irritation and odour!
Keep your Vaj happy by allowing her to clean herself – this does not mean do not wash, it simply means, think carefully about what you decide to wash your delicateness with.

Yeast free!
Yeast organisms exist in the vagina but they tend to multiply to out of control levels when your immune system is low thus causing a yeast infection.
Other factors that can promote the growth of yeast organisms include; poor diet and being on a course of antibiotics.
Even wearing Nylon underwear can prove problematic.
To keep the levels down, keep sugar and food stuffs containing yeast to a minimum and always wear cotton undies to stay excessive yeast free!

Unusual smells are not welcome!
If there’s an unusual odour downstairs, this usually means your vagina is not in the best of health.
Every woman has a unique smell (some more than others) but generally, a rule of thumb should be, if there is a change in your natural odour, perhaps there is something going on with you medically.
It could be something simple like; taking too many vitamin supplements, but it could also indicate something more serious.
If in doubt, check in with your doctor!

Discharge is essential.
Discharge is your vaginas way of protecting itself from infection.
Discharge is also your vaginas way of cleansing and lubricating itself.
The discharge that comes from your vagina should be white or clear and should be odourless.
Again, if there are changes in colour and odour, get yourself checked out at the sexual health clinic or at your GP.

The G Spot!
The G spot wasn’t discovered until the 1940’s!
So what does this mean I hear you cry…?
Were all women sexually oppressed until this major discovery?
We doubt it but, Dr Grafenburg aka the German Godfather of gynaecology made it official and shared his findings with the world.
Interestingly, it wasn’t until years later that the erogenous zone was actually named; the G Spot!
Scientists have recently discovered that unfortunately not all women have a G Spot!

Squirting is real!
Female ejaculation is not just a thing you see on porn films, it is 100% real!
It is not fully understood exactly what causes the squirt but it is believed that repeatedly stimulating the G Spot is what does it.
The liquid that squirts out of the vagina when a woman ejaculates is made up of various components including glucose!
The feeling of wanting to pee during sex is often a sign that you are ready to ejaculate but many women hold back and lose the urge.

How big is yours?
The average vagina is approximately 3 inches in size and expands to roughly 4 inches when aroused.
A vagina can expand to accommodate any penis size and can grow by a massive 200% during sex.

Smaller equals tighter? Not true!
That age old myth about smaller girls having tighter vaginas and bigger girls being looser, is exactly that….a myth!
As anyone with a bit of common sense can imagine, vaginas come in in a variety of sizes and they all have the ability to expand accordingly wherever necessary.

Finally, exercising your Vaj is a must!
Your vagina enjoys and benefits from exercise just like the rest of your body.
The main muscle in your pubic region is called; the pubococcygeus muscle.  Exercising this can give you a tighter grip during sex plus it can make it easier for you to climax
Win, win for sure…


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