Guys, how much do you know about your penis?

Ladies, are you as familiar with one of the most interesting parts of the male anatomy as you think?

These facts may blow your mind… (no pun intended)!

Penises are breakable!
Even though there are no bones in a penis, if it is erect and someone is bouncing on it too hard during sex or if it is twisted too vigorously, the blood vessels in the penis can burst thus breaking the penis.  If this does happen, expect swelling and lots of blood!

Smallest v largest.
The smallest natural penis measures in at 2 inches whilst the largest is a whopping 13.5 inches…flaccid!

Unhappy with yours?  Don’t be!
Most men are unhappy with the size of their penis (surprise surprise) but ironically, most women claim they are happy and satisfied with what their man has.

Hang low.
One testicle tends to hang slightly lower than the other.
So they don’t bang together when a man is moving of course!

Night time erections.
Most healthy men have 3 or more erections during a single night’s sleep with each lasting for approximately 30 minutes. Exciting!

How many rounds?
Despite what most men would say, the average man cannot get straight back to it after he has ejaculated even if he is still erect.  Some penises will stay erect after ejaculation due to arousal levels or but this does not guarantee he can jump back into another round of sex, head first! LOL

Myth…be gone!
Let’s dispel an age old myth…the sensation a woman feels during sex is NO different if she is having sex with a man that has been circumcised compared to one that has not!

Speedy come!
The average speed of male ejaculation is 28 miles an hour! Woah!

Twice the penis.
A rare condition called Diphallus means some men are born with 2 penises!
There have been only approximately 100 such cases recorded globally.

For the love of penis!
If you have an obsession with penises, the Phallological Museum in Iceland should be down on your list of must see places.  The museum is dedicated purely to penises and it currently houses over 283 penises from 93 species….including human!


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