Jus tek it [Virgin booty]! | Extraaa Biscuits – the podcast ep. 4

    This episode, Sherryl Blu tucks into nearly two hours of unfiltered chat with Lina (Face4Music), Mr Vans (Off the Cuff Podcast) and Savage Dan!

    This ‘bumper’ episode covers everything from graduating out of the friend zone through to high body counts and shit going down in the DM’s.

    Janet Jackson and Wissam’s split gets discussed, so does Mel B and Stephen Belafonte’s and we try and work out wa gwaaarn fa Mariah!

    The Booty Master 3000, personal masturbation time and ladyboy levels are all up in there.

    All this and a whole bunch of other stuff…

    Hit that play button and prepare to giggle, belly laugh and cringe!


    ~~Tinted Blu sponsors Extraaa Biscuits – unfiltered adult chat~~



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