24-karat Luxe sex toys!

It was inevitable wasn’t it?

A range of gold plated sex toys…literally!

Sex brand; Lelo has created a superior line of sex toys pipped to be the most expensive range in the world!

The Luxe range has pieces for both men and women, from massagers to a butt plug, the range is every bit a sex toy collectors dream.

24 Karat Luxe sex toys!

Most of the pieces are available in 24-karat gold plating or as a cheaper alternative in either silver or stainless steel.

24 Karat Luxe sex toys!

The prices range from £1,690.00 for a 24-karat gold butt plug through to the most expensive piece described on the Lelo website as; for women that demand the ultimate in luxurious indulgence – the Inez 24-karat gold dildo costing a cool £10K (below)!

24 Karat Luxe sex toys!

Definitely not cheap but strangely beautiful to look at.

Check out more of the range below.

24 Karat Luxe sex toys!

24 Karat Luxe sex toys!

Click this link for more on the luxe range.


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