Mel, Stephen and Victoria – CONFIRMED!

The Mel B / Stephen Belafonte split story just keeps on taking turns…

First we learned that Mel had filed for divorce on the basis of irreconcilable differences citing, physical, emotional and mental abuse.

Mel, Stephen and Victoria - CONFIRMED!

Stephen then feigns shock during an interview on camera with TMZ – amongst other things he stated; ‘I think someone’s set me up to look like a bad guy. Obviously you saw my house got raided and nobody found anything. It’s accusation after accusation. But we’ll have our day in court.

‘And we have children. If anyone knows our children, we have beautiful children. They’re on social media. Why do this’?

Next, allegations that Stephen not only beat Mel regularly but he also had affairs surfaced with rumours that he even impregnated the children’s nanny but paid for her to have the baby aborted using Mel’s money!

Mel, Stephen and Victoria - CONFIRMED!

As if that wasn’t enough, even more stories surfaced including claims that Stephen had locked up lots of Mel’s personal possessions including Spice Girl memorabilia and photos of her late father who recently lost his battle with cancer – apparently the items are in a lock up and he is refusing to say where.

More sexual allegations swam around including claims that he often forced Mel into threesomes with other women which he recorded and swore blind he would use to blackmail Mel and ruin her career should he need to.

Finally, the rumours that Mel and Stephen engaged in a threesome with Lady Victoria Hervey, have been confirmed by Victoria herself but a friend of Victoria has claimed it was all done in a drunken blur!

Mel, Stephen and Victoria - CONFIRMED!

Whilst speaking to a well-known newspaper, Victoria stated that Stephen controlled Mel’s finances but Mel wasn’t strong enough to leave him until everything fell into place.

She also said; I feel terribly for her!

Scandalous hey?

So what now?

More stories, more claims?

We just hope that the courts can see the wood through the trees and does what’s right for all involved including the children.

Whilst it is fair to say, everyone has a past, Stephen’s is particularly telling.



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