Orgasmic Ego Boost for Men!

A new study conducted by the Journal of Sex alludes to the fact that men like to give their women orgasms NOT just to satisfy her…

Apparently it’s an ego boost!

After surveying in excess of 800 men, the research concluded that most men feel validated and more masculine if they succeed at making their partner orgasm.

The research also noted; this general feel happens mostly amongst men that are insecure about their role as a man but, the overall aim for most men engaging in sex with a woman, is to hit the jackpot and make her come!

Orgasmic Ego Boost for Men!

The problem with this mentality is; the passion and excitement that is supposed to be a part of sex, is removed as the aim of the man is just to achieve his goal and not to indulge in sensuous love making or a good, decent bang – not very exciting for the female recipient.

This whole concept would also justify why there are a lot of women that fake orgasms – if they can sense that a man is hell-bent on making her orgasm, she may just fake it to end what could probably only be described as a torturous manhandling of her female bits.


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