#BLUWEDNESDAYS – All you need to know!


    To provide an open and honest space to discuss matters directly or indirectly related to sex, love and relationships using social media as a vehicle to achieve this.


    Every Wednesday between 9-10pm UK time.


    On Twitter!


    Questions, statements and/or pictures will be posted from the Tinted Blu (@tintedblu) twitter handle during the hour.

    To get involved, simply respond to anything posted using the hashtag; #BluWednesdays

    Please note, the use of the hashtag; #BluWednesdays is crucial for the Twitter discussion to work.

    People joining the conversation can simply search on the hashtag to see what has already been said and equally, those actively engaging in the conversation can keep up by filtering tweets using the hashtag.



    Whilst unfiltered honesty and openness is encouraged, please respect other people’s opinions at all times.

    Absolutely NO sexual reference to children/animals, implied or otherwise.  Anything of this nature will be reported immediately!

    ALWAYS use the hashtag; #BluWednesdays

    Most importantly…let down your guard, share your views and HAVE FUN with it!!!


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