Sexxpot designed to help women orgasm!

Whilst the jury is still out on whether marijuana use should be fully legalised or not, one thing we can be sure of is, many have and will continue to consume weed in one way or another.

With arguments and case studies backing the pros of weed consumption including the reduction of anxiety and aiding pain relief and recovery across a wide variety of different ailments, how it impacts us sexually is an area that hasn’t been given much thought.

Until now…

Sexxpot is a new strain of weed that is tipped to help women orgasm easier!

Yep, you read right…

Sexxpot designed to help women orgasm!

The creator of this new wave of weed – Karyn Wagner (founder of; Paradigm Medical Marijuana) claims, Sexxpot works by making the woman feel more relaxed, less inhibited and improving her mood – all of which is characteristic of usual weed right?


But this weed has a lower level of THC.

THC is the principal psychoactive constituent in cannabis and is what causes you to get high.

In Sexxpot, the THC levels are around 14% – roughly 6% less than regular weed which basically means, you will feel all the benefits without hampering sexual proceedings – this can happen when you consume too much THC!

Sexxpot designed to help women orgasm!

Not entirely sure whether this weed really would make a difference to whether a woman orgasms easier or not and actually, if a woman is having difficulties in that department, it’s usually down to a more psychological issue which a bit of green probably won’t resolve.

Only available in the US we believe (Brits – we can hear you groan lol).

Click this link to learn more.



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