Chicken and Licking Day [15th March]

So, yesterday was steak and blow job day…

Today is chicken and licking day – designed especially for females.

Think of it as a kind of payback for steak and a blow job day!

Some claim chicken and licking day falls on 15th March (the day after steak and blow job day) whilst others believe it takes place a week later.

Chicken and Licking Day [15th March]

Wherever it lands, I’m sure the female in your life will not be complaining providing you buy in to it and when we say buy, not only do we mean….ensure you take part in the day but should you be a bit of a lousy cook and not know your chicken breast from your chicken thigh, rather than opt for a chavvy KFC, go up market and order your chicken dish from a fancy restaurant or something.

Quality over quantity in this case!

Then… when it comes to the licking, we would imagine; quality AND quantity definitely apply!!




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