Unicorn Horn Dildos!

Imagine, Unicorns are the in thing at the moment, therefore it would be deemed perfectly acceptable to masturbate with a Unicorn’s horn!

Purely based on the understanding above, Geeky Toys have launched a new range of dildos – Unicorn horn shaped dildos!

Each dildo has a length of 7.5 inches, a base width of 5.5 inches and the tip narrows down to a very pointy 2 inches!

unicorn horn

Available in lilac, pink or white – these twisted candy coloured horns are brought to you by the same guys behind the Pokemoan sex toys.

The horns are made of skin friendly silicone and each one has a super strong suction cup at the base for Unicorn role play!

So, for just over £40, things can definitely get magical in your nether regions…

Click this link to purchase a Unicorn horn dildo NOW!



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