Brad reaches out to Jen!

Having split from wife; Angelina Jolie back in September, Brad Pitt is free to do whatever he pleases without having to answer to anyone!

Brad reaches out to Jen!

Cue contacting the ex…

Brad has indeed reached out to ex-wife Jennifer Aniston after managing to get her phone number.  He wanted to wish Jen a happy birthday!

Yeah right!

Having divorced back in 2005, they pretty much eradicated each other out of their respective lives and moved on, Brad with Angelina and Jennifer…well, Jennifer kind of went a bit haywire for a while but she is now settled and happily married to Justin Theroux.

Apparently, Brad has been reminiscing on the past with Jennifer via text….allegedly Jennifer is entertaining it because she is just being nice (according to hubby Justin).

Brad reaches out to Jen!

So what is the point here?

Is Brad just being nice and genuinely wants to mend bridges or is there an ulterior motive?

Could it be that he never really got Jen out of his system before shacking up with Ang or has he grown up and learned a few things about life following his recent split?

Either way or whatever his motive, surely it will come to light soon enough.

Word to Jennifer: BE STRONG!!! lol



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