The Male Menopause – it’s a real thing!

It would be safe to presume that most would agree…everything changes with age, so why does it seem that men are so unaccepting of this fact?

Instead of embracing not only the physical changes that are obvious in the mirror, why not extend that embrace to the internal changes including the sexual ones?

Statistics show, sex hormone prescriptions in the form of gels and jabs, have increased by 20 per cent since 2012 and as a result, now cost the NHS a staggering £20 million a year!

The Male Menopause - it's a real thing!

Men are duped daily by adverts promising to give them back their stamina in the bedroom if they simply use these testosterone products.  GPs are far too quick to prescribe them when experts claim these changes are normal in older men, men that are overweight and in men that have diabetes.

As men age, they can expect to experience erectile dysfunction as well as fatigue, mood swings and reduced physical endurance – this is known as the ‘male menopause’!

Yes….it’s a real thing!

A prescribing adviser from the Royal College of GPs believe these products should be prescribed with caution unless there are clear indications that the symptoms experienced are not necessarily down to age.

The Male Menopause - it's a real thing!

So guys, if your nether region isn’t doing what it did say, 5, 10, 15 or even 20 years ago…despair not, this is normal and rather than believe your answer is in the form of a prescription from your GP, perhaps it’s worth reviewing your love making.

Make some changes, include new things.

Keep it fresh and spontaneous.

Role play, act out fantasies, introduce toys…mix it up and see how quickly you realise there are more than a million ways of satisfying and being satisfied in the bedroom.


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