First Date Refund!

Dating is not a new thing but the whole dating online phenomenon has definitely taken off big time, especially in the last decade or so (give or take a few years).

Those that online date, tend to have a hilarious story or two about their experiences and the recent news story we read about the clothes designer that went on a date with a  guy she met on Plenty of Fish, is nothing short of side splitting!

Having had a fairly successful first date in a pub, Lucy decided she did not fancy her date and therefore there would not be a part 2….much to the horror of the guy involved.

Clearly perturbed by Lucy’s rejection, the date (who remains nameless), sent her a lengthy text and signed off with the expectation of being reimbursed for the money he had coughed up on the date – he even went as far as leaving his account details!

This was his message in its entirety:

First Date Refund!


Lucy, instantly saw the humorous side of the sad request and not only did she refund him her share of what was spent that night, she even went and donated the equivalent of the other half of what was spent to a donkey charity!!!

She messaged him back to inform him of her actions.

This was her message:

First Date Refund!

His final response was: ‘I feel like the donkey sanctuary has come out better from this situation’.

Lucy no doubt continued to laugh off the ridiculousness of this individual and simply put him into the box of sad one date losers!

But this story does throw up a lot of questions though.

For example; what are the rules around first dates?

Does anyone really know?

Is it fair to expect the man to pay regardless of how well the date is going or should one expect to go Dutch first time round?

What about the man expecting the lady to pay?

Perhaps he doesn’t buy into tradition!

Should there be caveats in place beforehand such as; if the date falls flat, the bill is split between both parties?

So many questions, so many possibilities, so many laughs.

Suppose the key thing is to just go and have fun but make sure you take enough money to pay your way!



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