Erectile dysfunction – a future thing of the past!

For guys with erectile dysfunction, there may well be light at the end of the tunnel.

The dependency on Viagra or those dreaded penis pumps, could be a thing of the past if the latest revelation is anything to go by.

A group of urologists at the University of Wisconsin have developed a heat activated implant for the penis.

Erectile dysfunction - a future thing of the past!

The coil of metal is made from nickel titanium alloy and is believed to be a more effective solution than the above.

The idea is; the device becomes rigid and erect when heated and reverts back to being bendy and flaccid when it cools down.

One major downside to this could be; every time a wearer enters a sauna, a Jacuzzi or even a hot shower, they could end up with a hard on which may only be ‘calmed down’ by placing a cool flannel or towel across it.

It could be embarrassing…

As a result of this possibility, scientists are still looking at the option of the device being battery operated as opposed to working off heat alone.

This device may be available on the market in 5-10 years!


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