SPEX – love!

There’s a dating site for pretty much everything else so why not have one for people with glasses?

Well dating industry expert; Charly Lester saw the gap in the market and has filled it.

SPEX - love!

Charly has set up SPEX, a dating site for single glasses wearers and for those who find people who wear glasses, attractive!

Charly claims that even though over 50% of the UK population wear glasses, many wearers still feel insecure so the aim of SPEX is not only to help singletons find love, but also to help glasses wearers feel more confident!

SPEX - love!

The SPEX app works in a similar way to Tinder by allowing users to select preferences and then have the ability to like or dislike potential suitors.

The app allows you to send messages only if you have a match (if both parties have liked each other) and should you ever want to get rid of someone, you have the option of hiding them for a month or in extreme situations, you can hide them forever!!!

Click this link to visit spex.dating!



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