Semen Smoothies!

Semen Smoothies!

Is this a new trend that WON’T catch on?

29 year old Tracy Kiss is a single mom…

29 year old Tracy Kiss is a vegan…

Every day, 29 year old Tracy Kiss guzzles down a smoothie containing bananas, various seeds and one teaspoon of semen!

Yes semen!

Semen Smoothies!

Tracy gets her semen supply from a friend that delivers fresh batches up to three times a week!

Tracy says the taste of the smoothies vary and depending on what her friend has been eating the night before, the taste can either be less or more pleasant.  For example, eating peppermint or pineapples gives a sweeter taste whilst alcohol can leave the sperm tasting quite bitter!

She also believes the semen smoothies are responsible for boosting her mood and her immunity.

Tracy, who also happens to be a qualified nutritional adviser, claims sperm provides her with the much needed vitamins she lacks as a vegan such as B12!

Semen Smoothies!

Interestingly, Tracy does not stop at consuming the semen, she also slaps it on her face as a makeshift facial serum – she swears by it!


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