Frauenmond – cramp relieving chocolate!

Frauenmond - cramp relieving chocolate!

There’s a new bar of chocolate just ready to hit the market set to do big things…literally!

And by big things we mean, relieve period pains!

Frauenmond - cramp relieving chocolate!

Yes, that’s right – a Swiss company has designed a chocolate bar containing 17 different herbs from mountains in Switzerland and 60% cocoa.

The combination claims to lift serotonin levels which in turn, relax the body and combat cramps and tension.

Think aromatherapy but a much more edible, tastier version.

The brand; Chocolate with Love has named the bar; Frauenmond which means; women’s moon in English.

Frauenmond - cramp relieving chocolate!

One snag…the chocolate is still in the crowd funding stages which means, in order to see it hit the shelves, you need to donate or at least hope that others do.

Click this link to donate or take a nosey peek at what the story is….please note; it’s written in German!


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