The Evie could get you pregnant!

The Evie could get you pregnant!

There’s a new fertility device on the market that could see women falling pregnant at random times.

This new device is heralded as a breakthrough in fertility treatment.

The Evie pump produced by the UK Company; Reproductive Services Ltd, acts as a sperm filter and slowly releases sperm into the uterus via the cervix across a 4 hour period.

The Evie could get you pregnant!

This device is set up in the same way as a catheter only the tube goes directly into the uterus thus artificially inseminating the wearer.

Once the Evie is fitted at the fertility clinic, a button is pressed to activate the device and then the pre filled washed sperm starts being dispensed.

As the device is fitted to the wearer’s leg, she can go about her everyday life.

After 4 hours, the woman can remove the device herself after pressing another button that injects the leftover sperm.

Clinical trials have shown the Evie has a 17.5 per cent chance of pregnancy.

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