A 3 day pop up ‘Sex Cinema’ in Soho, London

    A 3 day pop up 'Sex Cinema' in Soho, London

    Before porn became so readily available, sex cinemas particularly in Soho, London was actually a thing and was a genuinely thriving business!

    With the aforementioned in mind, founder of Baron & Baroness magazine; Matthew Holyrod is the brains behind a 3 day pop up cinema in Islington designed to challenge the traditional perception of sex on film.

    A 3 day pop up 'Sex Cinema' in Soho, London

    Matthew said; “We’re playing on the idea of a sex cinema and this will be quite different taking a conceptual approach with films to be thought over rather than lusted over.

    “When we visualise sex and the moving image it is pornography that most people will think of but sex can have a higher value than that. You don’t have to come in a leather mac to watch these films.”

    The 30 seater Erotic Paradiso cinema will be housed at the Ditto gallery.

    Over the course of the next 3 days, there will be a steady rotation of films that explore sex and sexuality including lesbian rom coms and a film inspired by Jackie Collins novels.

    Obviously you must be over 18 to attend.

    Tickets to the cinema cost only £10 and that includes one film screening plus free drinks!

    A 3 day pop up 'Sex Cinema' in Soho, London

    As with any good cinema, popcorn is available to buy and because this is a cinema with a difference, you can also purchase Baron & Baroness magazine merch too.

    Oh, and there is a sex shop on site too…naturally!

    Click this link for film choices, screening times and general info on the pop up cinema.




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