Need a Tinder Boost?

Need a Tinder Boost?

If you’re a Tinder fan but worry that you are not being seen enough because of the hordes of other girls and guys desperately hunting for matches too, Tinder Boost could be just the thing you need!

Tinder Boost has been trialled successfully in Australia for the last month or so, but it has only just made its way over to UK shores and is guaranteed to be a hit!


So what on earth is Tinder Boost?

Tinder Boost is exactly what it says on the packet…a boost on Tinder!

By a ‘boost’ we mean, by paying an additional fee, your profile will be bumped all the way to the top of your area’s swiping pile for a massive thirty minutes, thus exposing you to possibly hundreds more potentials!

The app will notify you when your thirty minutes is over and it will also show you which new matches were made during your ‘boost’ time.

The idea is, the more visible you are, the more likely you are to find matches and ultimately, score more dates.

Need a Tinder Boost?

So what’s the cost?

If you are currently paying a subscription to Tinder to use the services, you will be entitled to one free Tinder Boost per week, any extra ‘boosts’, will need to be paid for.

If you happen to be using the free Tinder service, you will have to pay to ‘boost’ every time although it has not been made clear exactly how much it will cost (at the time of publishing).

So there you go, yet another way to spend more money in the never ending bid to find true love for many…

Please be careful and sensible when ‘boosting’ or you could end up spending a small fortune!


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