Want to get pregnant? Tips on how to conceive…

Want to get pregnant? Tips on how to conceive...

Want to get pregnant but not having much luck?

Well the world and his son has an old wives tale telling you  what you should and shouldn’t be doing in order to conceive but the bottom line is, it all usually comes down to Mother Nature’s timing!

Want to get pregnant?  Tips on how to conceive...

However, Jani White fertility expert and author of the new book; The Fertile Fizz, shares tips on how to conceive

  1. Less focus on ovulation, more focus on the lead up
    Whilst it is important to be trying on the ovulatory days, it is just as important to build up the conception energy in the days leading into the ovulation in order to ‘catch’ those all-important opportunities of peak hormones.

    Jani says: if we want to build our ability to conceive we need to focus on building our sexual energy.


  2. Make seduction your priority
    Take it back to the love making and bear in mind conception is all down to chemistry. The chemistry of attraction is the same hormone that affects your ability to conceive.

    Jani says: The chemistry of attraction, that pheromonal ‘fizz’ is exactly the same hormone cascade that affects your ability to conceive.

    Want to get pregnant?  Tips on how to conceive...

  3. Cuddling, stroking and hand-holding
    Fire up the Oxytocin levels by being in contact with your partner and increase your reproductive energy.

    Jani says: One of the sure fire ways to fire up your reproductive energy is to return to that state of constant contact


  4. Charge your sexual batteries
    As hard as it may be, put aside the need to fall pregnant and enjoy the lovemaking.
    Remember; baby making energy comes directly from our sexual energy so it is important to enjoy what you are doing as the more in tuned we are to the lovemaking, the ability to conceive is enhanced.

    Jani says: The more time and effort that you give to charging up your sexual needs, the more you will enhance your enjoyment of lovemaking


  5. Make love on an empty stomach:
    If you consider the fact that digesting food is a hormonal process, should you decide to eat so close to your lovemaking session, the majority of energy will be allocated to the digestion of food thus taking away from the ability to conceive.

    Jani says: most couples are coming to their lovemaking with a full tummy and hormones that are more focussed on digesting than being sexual

    Want to get pregnant?  Tips on how to conceive...

  6. Foreplay and Afterplay:
    Afterplay encourages the semen to flow through the cervix so, once you ejaculate inside her, try and make her orgasm again to get that semen moving!

    Jani says; A good orgasm is an important part of helping to maximise the potential for the most amount of sperm to move up and through the cervix.





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