Must try: Oral sex tips to use on him

Forever the taboo subject, here at Tinted Blu we intend to make talking and reading about such things like oral sex, a normal occurrence.

Must try: Oral sex tips to use on him

It is arguably one of the guaranteed crowd pleasers if done correctly, so ladies, whilst it’s easy to become absorbed with what does it for you, have you ever stopped to consider the naughty extras he wants you to try whenever you service him orally?

Here are 5 tips you may want to try next to you go down on him:

Don’t neglect the balls

A lot of men feel their balls are neglected during oral sex and long to have them played with whilst you lick and suck the penis.
Why not take one testicle (at a time) into your mouth and gently suck?
Do remember, whilst a lot of men do like ball attention, there are plenty that don’t…be aware, if he is squirming, it probably means he is just not into it!


Lick the hole

That hole at the end of his penis, is massively sensitive so, lick it, tongue it, dribble all over it…apply pressure, lightly kiss it.  Do what you have to do, just don’t neglect it.


Use your hands

Wrap both your hands around his penis, one on top of the other and gently twist down.
Don’t stop with the mouth action….multi task!!!


Prevent dryness, use lube

Lube is your friend and in this instance, it can prevent you from ending up with mouth as dry as the bottom of a bird cage which in turn can lead to chafing of his lil one!
Try and test various flavours and scents to find the one that suits you best.


The hidden spot

Just between the testicles and the base of the penis is a really sensitive spot.
Don’t neglect this area…
In fact, pay it a lot of attention and watch him go crazy!
Must try: Oral sex tips to use on him


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