Feel empowered with sex-positive condoms.

Feel empowered with sex-positive condoms.

As we all know, the marketing around buying condoms is definitely geared towards men based on the idea that men wear them, so why not target them!

This notion kind of puts the ladies in the shade and should a woman decide to purchase condoms or heck, dare she opt to carry some in her purse, she would almost instantly be looked at sideways and eyebrows would raise – the idea that a woman would want to carry condoms, suggest in many a small mind, that she is easy!

Feel empowered with sex-positive condoms.

Anyway, Lovability are here to flip that stereotype on its head!

Lovability is a condom brand made for women, by women!

They have given their 100% vegan latex condoms packaging a feminist twist.

The condoms are sold in a little tin as a pack of nine or as a pack of three and come with an empowering message such as ‘babe with power’ and ‘I want it all’.

As an added bonus, you can also purchase the Lovability pouch that not only gives you condoms, but comes with a small bottle of glittery fuckboy repellent!

Feel empowered with sex-positive condoms.

Sounds great hey?

Guys, if you’re reading this and worry about falling victim to a spray or two of the fuckboy repellent, fear not as its only glitter, oil and water and actually, rather than worrying about being sprayed, concern yourself with why you fit the fuckboy criteria in the first place!

Click this link to be redirected to the Lovability site and note, they are currently offering 20% off!


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