Wake up with the Little Rooster

Wake up with the Little Rooster

Could this be the gadget many women have been dreaming of…?

Quite literally?

The Little Rooster is a vibrating alarm clock that promises to get you to; Wake Sexy!

Wake up with the Little Rooster

So how does it work?

Pretty much like any other alarm clock really only once set, this little bad boy goes into your pants with the long plastic arm resting flush against the clitoris.

At the requested time, the device will start omitting small vibrations first and gradually build in intensity over a five minute period thus waking you up to a potential early morning orgasm.

Sounds good?

What’s more, the Little Rooster has a snooze button if you are not quite ready to part ways with the duvet and to make sure you do wake up in the best way possible, you can chose from 27 silent levels – there’s got to be at least one setting that suits!

Wake up with the Little Rooster

FYI the Little Rooster charges via USB ruling out the need for replacement batteries.

Want to know more and perhaps even part with £69  and purchase one?
(free delivery in the UK and USA)

Go ahead, click HERE!




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