Give Lube – NOIR!!!

Give Lube - NOIR!!!

Give Lube is an award winning brand that claims to last as long as you do!

The brand has now come forth with a new product called; Noir which is designed specifically for Black skin.

Give Lube - NOIR!!!

Noir was born after extensive research of African/Caribbean men and women which contributed to not only the name but also the design of the product and what goes into it.

The luxury silicone based lube has added skin care ingredients including Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.

Give Lube - NOIR!!!

The lube is of course, latex condom safe and dermatologically tested AND if you’re out of hair serum or shaving gel, this lube doubles up!

Yes, you read right!

So many pros to this 100ml bottle of goodness.

Click this link for more on Noir and the other Give Pleasure products plus, where you can buy.


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