Just Ask Me Out’s Top 5 dating tips…

Just Ask Me Out's Top 5 dating tips...

We caught up with dating website; Just Ask Me Out and discovered their top 5 dating tips.

Just Ask Me Out's Top 5 dating tips...They are as follows:

  1. Go look for them – to do this, the site suggests you; list out the traits and interests you’d like your ideal match to have, think up ideas for the kind of places a person like that would hang out, start going along to some of those kind of places regularly and make a concerted effort to get to know new people there and when you see someone you fancy – ask them out!


  2. Decide what really matters; pick your 3 most important criteria, be realistic and focus on values not superficial stuff.


  3. Meet someone new every day; aim to meet 1 new person every day, when you meet someone you like be brave and ask them out, carry your Justaskmeout cards with you and use them if you prefer and make the most of every new connection.


  4. Phone a friend; ask friends to be your personal match-makers, get your friends input to your Justaskmeout profile and have a heart-to-heart to hear their views on what you need to do differently.


  5. Have fun while you’re at it; smile – it not only makes you look more attractive but will also make you actually have more fun, think positive – it’s more powerful that you might think and fill your time with the things you love – but if necessary tweak them slightly to increase your chances of meeting new people while you’re at it.

Click this link to be redirected to the full post on the Just Ask Me Out website.


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