Chantelle, ignore the ‘Olive branch’!

Chantelle, ignore the 'Olive branch'!

Over the last few weeks, Chantelle Houghton has featured in nearly every weekly magazine there is, talking negatively about her body.

Chantelle, ignore the 'Olive branch'!

She has revealed that she feels ugly and often cries about the state she feels she is in.  She has even claimed, she believes the reason she has been unable to hold down a successful relationship is because she is out of shape!

Now, ex-boyfriend and father of her child; Alex Reid has extended what he calls an ‘olive branch’ to Chantelle…

Alex has offered Chantelle a non-invasive liposuction type procedure at his new place of business…
Yes Alex has set up the new business venture with his fiancée; Nikki Minashe.

Chantelle, ignore the 'Olive branch'!

Alex has told Now Magazine; Despite all of the stressful times that we have been through, she’s still the mother of my child. I want to try and offer an olive branch and why not’?

Not sure whether Alex making such a public proposal is the best thing for Chantelle given her previous battle with Bulimia and her ongoing issues with her weight.

But…anything for publicity hey Alex?! *groan


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