Amber Rose likes to make them squirm!

Amber Rose likes them to squirm!

We always knew The Amber Rose show was going to raise a few eyebrows so why is anyone even remotely shocked that during the last episode, she admitted she loves to make rich, powerful men squirm like ‘a bitch’ [cite] in the bedroom!

Amber Rose likes them to squirm!

Naturally, our minds quickly cast back to when she dated Kanye West and we wondered (just like everyone else), did she make HIM squirm and if so…how?

We want all the gory details…

Also during the show, Amber admitted her favourite position is missionary so she can ‘lie back and take it’ but she confessed she has never tried anal but wouldn’t rule it out completely.

Amber Rose likes them to squirm!

Love her or loathe her, Amber is not afraid to embrace her sexuality and share intimate details about herself (and others in some cases), with the world.

Bring on the next instalment of The Amber Rose Show we say – every Friday on VH1



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