The Matterhorn – anal mountain climbing (sort of)!

The Matterhorn - anal mountain climbing (sort of)!

Men, want to know how to make anal sex more pleasurable for her?

According to Dr Carlen Costa, Ph.D. there is one position in particular that is somewhat of a game changer…

The Matterhorn!

The Matterhorn - anal mountain climbing (sort of)!

Aptly named after a mountain in Europe, this position brings you closer together during penetration than if you were to opt for the go-to doggy style position.

To be successful at the Matterhorn, think mountain climbing…

Pile up a load of pillows in front of her and have her lean over them whilst resting her hands on top of the pile.  She will need to be kneeling with her legs more than hip width apart with her body at a 45 degree angle.

Dr Costa suggests you use plenty of lube and tease her anus to relax her before you take the plunge!

The Matterhorn - anal mountain climbing (sort of)!

You will of course, enter her from the back and whilst the position is very similar to that of doggy style, because of the angle she is in, you will be perfectly angled to stimulate her clitoris with your hands or a sex toy, whilst penetrating her.

So there you have it, anal sex with a bit more in it for her.

Clitoral stimulation!

Side note: guys, most women do enjoy clitoral stimulation!!!

Happy mountain climbing…


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