Male MOT: Vitamin D level check needed

Male MOT: Vitamin D level check needed

Guys, have you ever considered whether your Vitamin D levels are a bit on the low side?



Well, you really should know your status because if you are deficient in this essential vitamin, you are actually 20% more at risk of having a stroke or a heart attack.  You could even be leaving yourself open to premature death!

Not good huh?

Male MOT: Vitamin D level check needed

Vitamin D works closely with the calcium in the body enabling growth and development of solid bones.

Vitamin D also assists in preventing certain diseases, strengthens your immunity and can even cut your odds of developing cancer.

The fallout of a lack of Vitamin D is; brittle bones as one of the first issues faced.

The 7 most noticeable (but not exhaustive) signs that you are lacking Vitamin D, are as follows;

  1. High blood pressure/Hypertension.
  2. Depression and/or mood swings; feeling low is linked to low Vitamin D levels
  3. Muscle pain and feeling weak
  4. Severe sweating especially via the forehead
  5. Gastrointestinal issues including; IBS and Crohn’s.
  6. Lowered immune system
  7. Heart diseases

The quickest way of finding out whether your vitamin D levels are up to par, is by simply asking your GP for a blood test that can determine this.

FYI; if you come back as 30 ng/ml – you would be considered deficient.

If this is the case, your doctor can advise ways of increasing your vitamin D intake such as; more exposure to sunlight or switching up your diet – a prescription may even be necessary!

On the flip side, even if you do not come back as deficient, your doctor will still be able to use the baseline levels provided by the blood test, to monitor you over the years and as you get older.

Men, seriously, get on this…a simple blood test can rectify a lot, potentially!

In the meantime, drink lots of fresh Orange juice, a tasty and nutritious way of getting some Vitamin D inside you!


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