To be, or not to be…BENCHED!

To be, or not to be...BENCHED!

BENCHING is the latest term in the dating world that you need to familiarise yourself with.

If you are an online dater (and even if you are not), you may already be in the know, but just in case you are not, let’s break it down for you…


Imagine being a part of a say….football team but you never seem to play and spend most of your time sitting on the bench as a substitute, well benching in the dating world is more or less the same thing.

Benching is a term that describes when someone that previously showed you a lot of attention including, meeting you for dates, suddenly decides to stop but continues to WhatsApp or contact you via social media!

In other words, that person has decided to put you on the bench, you know, keep you there as a backup and not completely let you go so you can move on.

Benching seems to be happening more and more because of the choices we appear to have.

People do not want to completely rule out other options when dating or searching for a potential partner so benching is the perfect way of keeping someone hanging on….just in case!

In other words…dangling a carrot!

One way of checking whether you are being ‘benched’, would be to suggest a date ASAP and if the excuses come rolling in or they cancel at the last minute more than once, then perhaps it’s time to shelve them.

Now there’s a term worthy of using…


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