Mess free sex during your period

Mess free sex during your period

Gone are the days when the more squeamish amongst us abstained from indulging in foreplay during menstruation… every base is now covered and FLEX makes sure of that!

Flex literally does what it says ‘on the packet’ – it’s a hypo allergenic device that takes the form of a flexible disc and is designed to ‘contour to the female body’, creating a soft barrier at the cervix that absorbs the blood meaning, a bloodless sex session!

Mess free sex during your period

The Flex Company claims the latex free disc can be worn for up to 12 hours which gives the wearer the freedom to indulge in spontaneous, mess free sex during their cycle as well as helping to relieve cramps.

Sounds good huh?

So how does it work?

The Flex website gives you a step by step right HERE!

Mess free sex during your period

Ordering this product costs $15 (and can be shipped to the UK).  You will receive a 3 pack of Flex together with a pretty stylish carry tin to house your items.

Click this link to check out the site and order your free sample…

Hurrah to clean sheets all month round!!!


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